Building A Web App To Track Inventory, Wastage and Analytics For Breweries— UI/UX Case Study

A complete dashboard experience for breweries to track their inventory and analyze consumption patterns of their beers.


FYI, this is the first ever product design project I’ve ever worked on — this project acted as my transitional bridge from graphic design to product design.

How do I design a dashboard that is completely filled with data and graphs in a way that it’s easy to consume and digest for the user?

Understanding the service

My role and design process


Diving deep into the details

Understanding the user

Information Architecture

User Flows


Visual Design and Prototyping

Even though I worked on both web and mobile versions of the design, for the sake of this case study I’m going to take you in-depth into the design decisions using the mobile version as the reference.



Bar Specific Analytics

Daily Consumption


Settings and Profile

Inviting brewers on-to the dashboard

Record cleaning and adding a new batch of beer

Archiving a beer


Developer Handoff

What went right?

What could have gone better?


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